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Welcome to the online home of the Credit Union Political Action Committee (CUPAC), the official registered state PAC of the New York Credit Union Association. Contributions to CUPAC will be directed in a bipartisan manner to help elect candidates for state office who support a pro-credit union agenda and reflect the ideals and values of the credit union movement. Your contributions help protect the interests of credit unions in New York and ensure that credit unions have a voice in state government. It is increasingly evident that a strong political foundation is necessary to combat the constant threats to our tax status and persistent attacks from the banking industry. CUPAC is that foundation, and with your support, we can shape the future of the credit union industry.

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Contributions to CUPAC (state) and CULAC (federal) are voluntary and not tax-deductible. You have the right to refuse to contribute without reprisal. CUPAC accepts contributions from individuals, SCUs, businesses and CUSOs incorporated as C or S Corporations. FCUs, according to Federal Election Law, may not contribute credit union funds to any PAC.